Hmmm, what to say…

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Why can I never get into writing blogs? This pisses me off so much, I really do like writing, I just cannot for the life of me ever get into writing them. Maybe I don’t have the time, who knows. Anyway, I am going to try and write on this more. Wish me luck!!!



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So yeah, I’m nice and toasty right now. my waffles are great. what more can i ask for?

Just before I go to sleepy town…

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So I’m just about to go to bed, and i thought i would share this song with you:

Hopefully they are playing at the Meredith Music Festival this year! Anyhoo, see you soon hopefully!


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So it has been WAY too long since I used this thing. Hardly know how to steer it anymore. So that being said I’m going to try and update this thing a bit more now, hopefully it will not bore you too much, if so, go die in a fire!

Too early…

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I had to take my mum to the train station, so what do i decide to do, get some macca’s breakfast. I am now way too awake because of all the sugar. I am one silly boy.

Weekend of TERRORness?

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So this weekend started out terrible, I went down to Melbourne to pick up a friend and get a new phone (Was quite looking forward to the new phone too!). So I drive down so I could get my phone early and play around with it. So I get to the 3 ( store and guess what, all their services are down and they can’t do a thing about it. So they said “it will be about an hour” I’m ok with waiting around for an hour and a half. Still down, my friend shows up, we have some dinner, come back another hour later and they are still down. So I say they should improve their service or I won’t be coming back to them and walk to the car all pissed off. Then I went to pay for where I parked the car, and I was $5 short, so I have to walk all the way back and go to an atm. Then I drive all the way back home, drop of my friend, and have an early night.

I then wake up at 12:30pm and start getting ready for work by going to k-mart and buying a shirt because I needed a clean shirt and our washing machine is broken. So I go to work, was a pretty good shift, usually is. Then I get home, organise to go out. Pick up my friend who I referred to above and go out to a house warming party which I honestly thought was going to be boring as hell. I was muchly wrong; there were heaps of people I knew, guitar hero, and those chocolate wafer things that taste like awesome. So I hang around there for quite some time, then leave at 2am and go home to watch Stargate: The Ark of Truth. Then wake up and take my friend home. So all in all, a good weekend that had a bad twist at the start!

Oh also about a week and a half ago my youtube zombie video got featured and it got over 110,000 views! Go check it out!

Bread is so hot…

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I was just watching some YouTube videos just before and then suddenly bam! I had the urge to eat hot cooked bread, so I did. The end.